How to Implement a Simple Triggered Email Campaign

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In the previous blog post, we went in-depth on the importance of having a simple triggered email for your business. These campaigns may also be referred to as drip or automated campaigns. To recap simple triggered emails are automated email campaigns powered by various events or AI technology. It gives you the ability to send personalized emails based on the action of a certain customer. This is powerful because it saves you time, allows you to understand your customer all while increasing your customer’s lifetime value.  The steps to this are outlined below.

How to set up a triggered email campaign

Now that you have an idea of how triggered email campaigns work and their importance, we provide some direction on how to implement. Here are the standard steps to creating one.

Filter Audience: This step is where you decide on who gets to receive a certain trigger email.  You can create segments based on last purchase date, demographics, location, shopping channel, current customers, leads, and more. There are many options you can choose from. You also can funnel a segment out from one to another after completing a certain action. For example, if a customer has already purchased the product, they will not receive an email to purchase the same thing, instead, you will send the next email leading them to another product or service page. 

Choose Triggered Events: The fun part! Now you get to decide on which actions to track.  Think about what makes the most sense for your business. This can even be for certain dates like holidays, birthday discounts, or sale reminders. You may also want to choose from the following: 

  • Product purchase
  • Abandon cart
  • Click on link 
  • Viewing a page
  • Signing up for your freebie
  • Signing up for your email list

Create Workflows: Next, you have to create your email workflows, this should be a breeze now that you have your strategy determined. A workflow is the customer buyer journey. For example, if you start with a simple welcome email, the email provider’s system will track the behavior of your customer to see what actions in the email they take, whether they click a link or purchase. This information helps determine which future emails are sent.  To learn more about email workflows click here.

Design your email: Now that all the tech stuff is out of the way. We can get started with designing the email!  You will want to design different email templates. Yes, it will take some time, but the payoff is huge in the end. Once the templates are finished, technology will handle the rest, making sure to include proper product photos and names according to each customer.

Determining the success of your triggered emails

All great things should be measured so you should take time every week or month to track all KPI (key performance indicators) to see how your campaigns are performing and whether or not it is getting you closer to your business goals and objectives. Keep an eye out for the following metrics.

  • Open rate: percentage of people who are opening your email or workflow.
  • Click-to-open- rate: percentage of people who open your email and click a link inside.
  • Click rate: percentage of how many people are clicking on your links.  Remember to dig deeper into which links are they clicking on.
  • Bounce rate: how many emails are not making to your customer’s inbox?

There’s plenty of more choices of KPI’s for you to measure. Those were just the basics.  For more examples of successful triggered email campaigns reach out to the team at SunBirch Consulting and we will provide you with additional KPIs compiled specifically for your business.


Follow those simple steps and you will be well on your way to creating a simple triggered email campaign that connects and converts your audience. If you would like more information on more advanced triggered email strategies, call you to set up a free consultation call.  Let us know how you enjoyed this blog post and which strategy you will get started with today!