National Technology Day

National Technology Day Hand and Tablet

What is National Technology Day?

January 6th is a special day! Marked on the calendar as National Technology Day, on this day, we celebrate all that technology has done and will do for us and our future. Could you imagine a world without technology? Without a handheld GPS to help you whenever you’re lost or find yourself in a new town. Without an app that can order your mother a bouquet of flowers on her birthday? Or the app that allows you to live video stream your loved ones with just one tap?

It’s hard to believe that we have developed such innovative technology that has allowed us to land a man on the moon and purchase something within seconds from our phones. The innovation of technology is fantastic and genuinely deserves its day to shine.

History of national Technology:

According to National days today, National Technology day was founded in 2016 by AXEL, a leading tech company. Since then, January 6th has become the unofficial holiday for technology.

Technology inventions that changed the world

In honor of this day, let’s look at a few revolutionary technology inventions that have shaped the way we live today.

  1. The wheel

The wheel has been one of the world’s most famous inventions. This invention started as the base for future innovations; shockingly, the first wheel wasn’t used for transportation; according to Smithsonian Mag, the first-ever wheel served as a potter’s wheel way back around 3500 B.C. 

  1. Apple iPhone

More than 3.5 billion people around the world own an iPhone. Once applications were made available to iPhones it started the mobile revolution. We use the iPhone to shop, order food, get a ride. Everything we need can be found in the palm of our hands.

  1. WIFI:

Wi-Fi has become essential to our everyday lives in and out of work. Without WIFI, smartphones wouldn’t have been possible. In 1997 Wi-Fi was invented and released for consumer use. Over the years WiFi has grown to work fast with phones, homes, and even cars. According to, WiFi is set to hit $248 billion this year.

  1. Social Networking

Have you ever met anyone without a Facebook page? It seems almost impossible. A few decades ago, the world was in a much different phase when communicating with others. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, a social-networking site designed for college students, and everything changed. 

Facebook quickly blew up leaving all its competition in the dust. Not only does Facebook allow everyone to stay connected. It’s a gold mine for business. Last year alone, it brought in $32 Billion in ad revenue. Facebook also paved the way for future social networking sites, including Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Clubhouse, and so many others. When the last time you were on your social media account? Probably just a couple of minutes ago. 

How technology has changed the way we communicate

The advancement of technology has completely changed the way we communicate with others. In the past, we had to refer to writing letters, sending faxes, or using a wired phone to connect with someone. Now, all it takes is one second to send a quick text or call to a loved one or friend.  Think about all the Zoom or FaceTime calls we have made to our families during the pandemic.  Technology made it easy for many elderly to communicate, connect and feel a little less lonely during these trying months. 

How technology has changed the way we pay bills and send money

Prior to online bill pay and direct deposit, everyone had to walk into a bank to withdraw or transfer any amount of money. But now thanks to apps like Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, we can now send money using the internet, We can now rest easy without the unnecessary trip to the bank. 

Besides sending money through the internet, we can now pay bills directly from our phones! You can save yourself time and energy by setting up automatic payments on your bank app or cell phone. This is perfect for people who forget to pay on time.

How technology has changed the way we Read

Although paperbacks are still very common and used every day, e-devices to read books have been multiplying. A device like a Kindle can store thousands of books without taking up any space in your home. Audiobooks are perfect for someone who is on the go or really busy; it makes it easy to consume stories while driving to work or pick up your kids from practice.

How to observe the holiday 

Not sure exactly how to celebrate this holiday? Perhaps try a few of the following

  •  Create a social media post

Post a graphic on your social media page sharing with your friends how technology has impacted you. Be sure to use the hashtag #nationaltechonologyday2021 

  •   Learn about how technology has impacted the world 

There are many excellent articles filled with information about technology that has impacted our world; perhaps you can read a few blog posts to help celebrate this day.

  • Sign up for a technology class

Have you been waiting for the extra push to try something new? Let today be that push. Sign up for technology class.

  • Start a conversation

Start a conversation with your friends and family; ask them about how technology has changed their life and talk about how you feel about technology, and it’s future.

  •  Watch a technology-themed movie

Sit back and relax as you celebrate the day by watching a technology-themed movie. Perhaps The Social Network would be a great movie to watch. Or WALL-E if you have little ones.

 Crazy facts about technology

  • Back in the 1960s. The Mouse was called the X-Y Position indicator.
  • Every minute approximately 570 websites are launched.
  • Technophobia is the fear of technology.
  • There are over 3.8 billion internet users worldwide.
  • We spend an average of 10 years of our life watching T.V. or Netflix.


A world without technology would be dark and gloomy. It’s easy to forget all the progress we have made in the last few years. We hope that after reading this article, you have a new outlook and perspective on technology and find a way to celebrate the achievements today.