Simple Triggered Email Campaign

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What is Triggered Email Campaigns?

A fairly popular marketing tactic that helps funnel your target audience through the buyer’s journey is known as “ triggered emails”. When applied correctly this tactic works very well. If you think about it, a huge percentage of people who visit your site do not purchase the first time. So having a system in place that allows you to connect and engage with the proper creative and messaging delivers a high ROI.  The way triggered email campaigns work is instead of sending a generic email blast that includes the same messaging to all senders, it is instead sent tailored specifically to each customer based on their behavior and actions taken on the website. This is all automated so it even saves you time. Do you remember the last time you got an email reminding you that your shopping cart for a brand is still waiting for you? Perhaps they even offered you a discount. That’s one example of a triggered email campaign. 

So you’re probably wondering what other actions are set by the customer to trigger a campaign. We will go over this in more detail with the campaign example. But for now, here are a few ways your customer can trigger an action.

Signing up for your email list

Immediately when someone signs up for your email list, you could send them an email thanking them, offer some valuable content, or whatever else you would like to share.

Browsing a product page

If your customer has signed up to your email, you can know when they browse one of our product/service pages. You can go ahead and ask them for any thoughts or questions about the product or provide them with some additional information as to why the product could benefit them.

Visiting a landing page

When someone visits a certain landing page, you can send them a triggered email offering an incentive for a category, bring forward a specific item from the category, or share a few of customer favorites from the selected category.

Downloading a freebie

As soon as someone downloads a lead magnet you can send them a triggered email giving them their download link.  Use this opportunity to share with them additional information about your product or service.   

Purchasing your product or service

Once someone purchases your product or service, you can go in and send them a quick personalized thank you message, including packaging tracking links, or request a customer review once the product has been received.

Becoming inactive 

One of the cool things you can set up is a triggered email when someone becomes inactive for over a certain period. This allows you to gently remind your customer that you’re still there and haven’t seen them in a while.

As you can see, there’s a lot of power in simply triggered email campaigns. And the best part is it’s all automated! Simple triggered emails rely on technology and AI to get your message across. All you have to do is create the emails ahead of time in your ESP. Not sure what email service providers to use? Here’s a blog post on the top email service providers in 2021

Benefits to using a triggered email campaign

Saves time

Running a business takes a lot of time, there are many moving parts. With triggered emails, it allows you to save time focusing on what you do best all while generation ROI for your business.

Understand your customer 

Essentially triggered emails allow you to conduct customer research, you’re able to understand your customers through the web pages they click on, the products they buy, and the content they resonate best with.

Increases customer lifetime value

We all know that keeping a customer engaged can be hard, you can stay top of mind by sending exclusive offers, discounts, and even request feedback. Overall this increases the trust with your customer.


Congratulations on making it to the end of this blog post! We hope that you are inspired to begin on your journey with triggered email campaigns. Let us know how you enjoyed this post!