The Importance of Strong Email Creative

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It’s no secret that strong creatives in an email can separate you from the competition and increase customer retention. Many business owners emphasize robust website design, landing page design, social media design, but fail to put the same effort into  designing their emails. Don’t make this mistake. Read along as we go over the top tips to a strong creative in an email.

Why you need to add creatives to your emails

Incorporating the same look and feel of your brand into email creatives will register in your audience’s mind much better than a plain text email. According to Fast Company research by 3M, the corporation behind Post-It Notes, showed that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than ordinary text. This is because our brains resonate best with story-telling and images tell a story to our brains. Our brains also register images in as little as 13 milliseconds. These facts prove that creatives can surely increase brand awareness and conversion.

Creative tips for your emails

Read on to learn the top tips for generating strong creatives for your emails. So that you can drive traffic, build brand awareness, encourage engagement, and boost conversions.

Start with what’s most important

Get right to what’s most important in your email. The last thing you want to do is make them scroll to the bottom of the email to understand what it was all about. Whether it’s a freebie offering, a discount, or an event, start with that right in the beginning. 

Lead with a strong Hero Image

Leading with a hero image is a great way to capture your audience’s attention so that they can stay engaged and read the rest. According to, a strong hero image helps direct your audience to the desired call-to-action and provides the following benefits:

  1. Increase visual appeal.
  2. Instantly connect with your subscribers and build credibility for your brand.
  3. Create a positive first impression that can drive business growth.
  4. Present the value proposition of your business through a hero image.
  5. Persuades the subscriber to go through the entire email and entices them to click through the CTA.
  6. Improve conversions rate.

Keep mobile in mind

A majority of users will open your email by phone. So keep this in mind when designing your email creatives. Each aspect of the email should be optimized for mobile viewing to ensure your audience’s friendly experience. A great way to do this is by using responsive design. The email code can format the layout of the design based on which device the user is opening your email with. Here are six tips on how to design your email to be mobile-friendly.

  1. Watch your subject length desktop allows for 60 characters but keep in mind when on mobile, most customers can only view 30 characters. So keep it short and sweet.
  2. Use pre-header text.
  3. Keep the copy clear and concise.
  4. Keep CTA’S front and center.
  5. Leave breathing and clicking room.
  6. Test your email on multiple devices before you send it out.

Choose the correct colors

Always keep your branding in mind when using creatives in your email. You want to aim to stay true to the brand. This will help you remain recognizable and gives your audience a consistent feel of who you are as a brand. 

Images in your Email

When choosing images for your email, you want to make it a point to select high-quality graphics. Always use images that are your own or that you have permission to use. Try a site like Shutterstock or Getty Images. Here are a few more places to help you get started:

  • Unsplash — Free image search. 
  • Burst (by Shopify)  – Free image search, built by Shopify 
  • Pexels – Free image search
  • Pixabay – Free stock photos
  • Free images – Stock photos
  • Kaboompics
  • Canva

Clickable Images

Adding links to your images is a great way to drive traffic to a particular site or landing page. Don’t forget to set up tracking to track how many people click on the link. This is great for driving conversions. Does a certain image or CTA drive more clicks than another?  Did those customers convert at the same rate or better? 


Choosing the right font is essential. You want to make sure the font is easy to read and the correct size. If it’s too small for anyone to read, you can forget about it. A good rule of thumb is 14 – 16 point font.  Also, utilizing too many font choices can make the email difficult to read and not brand friendly.  


This is the max width your email should aim to be. If you go any wider than that it might not show to all users. So keep this in mind while drafting your email.

Test your email campaigns

You can’t improve what is not tested. Be sure to always measure the success and proper KPIs of your email. This way you know what’s working and what’s not working in your email. 


There you have it – a list of our top ways to leverage strong creatives in your email. Which strategy will you implement right away? Let us know we would love to hear your feedback.